Blue Water Aquatics, Inc. was founded in 1999 by longtime friends and business partners, Rod Longman and Russell Thompson.  The duo decided to ditch their ties and find freedom outside of corporate America after spending two decades together in the corporate boardroom of a leading automotive parts manufacturer in Deerfield Beach, Florida.


In November of 1999, after months of planning and researching, the pair settled on the water and land management industry for their next chapter. Market opportunity appeared to be greatest on the west coast of Florida due to rapid development and wetland mitigation requirements. Blue Water Aquatics, Inc. was formed on December 1st, 1999. 

On February 11, 2000, Blue Water Aquatics purchased the assets of an existing water and land management company located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Blue Water Aquatics began operations on the east and west coast of Florida shortly thereafter. In 2007 Blue Water Aquatics sold its west coast property to the City of St. Petersburg and relocated to New Port Richey.


In January of 2019, company ownership was turned over to Chris Thompson, a Marine Corps combat veteran and former employee. In 2020, Blue Water Aquatics became a Florida Department of Management certified, service-disabled veteran-owned small business. The company's General Manager is Virgil Stoltz. Mr. Stoltz has been with the company from the beginning. Mr. Stoltz has over thirty years of industry experience and is considered by many to be a subject matter expert in lake and wetland management.


Blue Water Aquatics has operated in Florida for over 20 years as a family-owned business with a commitment to doing things the right way. Our continued success is fueled by our attention to detail. No shortcuts are taken. We have helped thousands with their lake and pond management problems in the last twenty years. We can help you too!

Chris Thompson began working seasonally for Blue Water Aquatics while in high school and college. He is a Marine Corps combat veteran and active outdoorsman who enjoys SCUBA diving, hunting and fishing throughout Florida.

Chris Thompson, President

Virgil Stoltz has been with Blue Water Aquatics since 1999.  Virgil has a degrees in fisheries management and limnology.  Mr. Stoltz has over thirty years of industry experience in lake and wetland management.

Virgil Stoltz, General Manager